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Voices from the Deep

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Roq and Max have been shooting the breeze about monsters, myths, movies, and D&D for over two decades. 

Austin, TX based nerds, BBQ aficionados.


Max has been reading myths & legends, as well as modern fantasy literature his whole life. Now he hopes to study some of these things full time in grad school and share them with you via this podcast. But mostly nowadays he spends his time with marathons (running and tv) and struggling in vain to reduce the size of his burgeoning to-read pile.  


Lifelong lover of the paranormal, tacos, and D&D, Roq has always wanted to connect with people who share his love of all thing supernatural. He spends his free time traveling with his musician wife, writing, and playing tennis. And drinking beer. 



Tech Gal

Teresa Joy went to college for tech and music. She does both as our "Master of Technology and Entertainment" on Nightmares & Daydreams. Like our theme song? She made it! Find her @viobrite on FB and Instagram.


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